“We are a family office that believes in long term ownership and good working culture.”
Timo Kokkila, CEO 

Capital for innovations for the life cycle of the built environment

Pontos invests in real estate innovations for the life cycle of the built environment as well as opportunistically in attractive growth companies.

Developing growing areas

Pontos invests in real estate and development projects of special potential.

We believe in modern working culture and are constantly looking for ideas to improve our wellbeing and ways of working. Professional and patient work will help us reach the best possible result for our company.

Pontos as an employer
Pontos Introduction

Pontos believes in built world technology.

Pontos’ Private Equity Investment Manager Risto Kankaanpää introduces AI based energy management in commercial real estate:

Pontos in Twitter

Last Tuesday, João Richard Costa joined property journalist Zoe Dare Hall and other real estate and industry experts for a zoom webinar, to discuss how the current pandemic will impact buying trends in the residential real estate market.

Read the article: https://t.co/FqlHzw7sFq

Finland is considered one of Europe's most innovative countries, having improved its performance by 20 per cent between 2012 and 2019, according to the European Commission‘s Innovation Scoreboard.

Read the full article on our blog: https://t.co/6lBwSU6kPO

Kiinteistösektori käyttää paljon energiaa ja tuottaa liki kolmanneksen CO2-päästöistä. Kiinteistöjen hiilijalanjälkeen voi vaikuttaa esimerkiksi elinkaarimallilla. Pontoksen portfolioyhtiö @SRVYhtiot sivuilla
@pirhonen_jere kertoo lisää! #rakentaminen

Kiinteistön hiilijalanjälki haltuun elinkaarimallilla

Kiinteistöjen kunnosta, energiatehokkuudesta ja hiili- jalanjäljestä pitää huolehtia koko elinkaaren ajan.


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