“We are a family office that believes in long term ownership and good working culture.”
Timo Kokkila, CEO 

Capital for future industries

Pontos invests responsibly and believes in long-term cooperation as the cornerstone of business.

Developing growing areas

Pontos invests in real estate and development projects of special potential.

We believe in modern working culture and are constantly looking for ideas to improve our wellbeing and ways of working. Professional and patient work will help us reach the best possible result for our company.

Pontos as an employer
Pontos Introduction

Pontos in Twitter

USA:n MIPIM:ssä vieraillut @R_Kankaanpaa kertoo, että Pohjoismainen kiinteistöalan teknologia on jo nyt maailman huippuluokkaa. Teknologian ympärillä olevasta edistyneestä ekosysteemistä voimme kuitenkin ottaa mallia USA:sta. #PropTech

"The wait of over 10 years is now over."

@ombriaresort of @ViceroyHotels operated hotel and apartments are starting to be built and now you can buy them too!

For more information: @takalariitta11 | +358 50 373 9366"

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