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Pontos’ team practiced feedback and self-expression

Pontos’ team practiced feedback and self-expression

At Pontos, we believe in continuous development. We find that it can be achieved with skilled and healthy personnel, an open company culture, nurturing collaboration and leadership that aims for continuous feedback.

A key part of continuous development is giving feedback and growing as a team.

In 2023, the theme of our well-being plan was developing our feedback culture together and creating best practices to support the feedback culture. We arranged workshops and did exercises on how to give and receive positive and critical feedback.

During the fall, we also practiced self-expression, which is a part of the feedback culture and the work tasks that involve us performing and expressing ourselves in understandable ways. We arranged two separate coaching sessions, which were arranged at our office by professionals – actress Anna Randall from Great Britain and TV host Peter Nyman from Finland.


Ombria strengthened collaboration with artisans in the area

Ombria Algarve carries out unique and systematic collaboration with its surrounding community. Together with the neighboring municipality Querença and the nearby town of Loulé, Ombria is developing a shared and genuine local lifestyle, which the owners of apartments in Ombria and their visitors can enjoy.

Portugal is known for its beautiful and detail-rich art and artisan work, which is disappearing due to ageing generations. In order to promote the Algarvean identity, cherish the traditional culture and support the artisans, Ombria has commissioned over 500 artworks from local artists and artisans to their their five-star apartments and other premises. Ombria will also arrange workshops with artists so that visitors in Ombria can get to know the different art and handicraft traditions.

Learn more about Ombria cultural heritage!
Learn more about Ombria cultural heritage!
AVIA Real Estate

AVIA Real Estate finished energy renovation of Avia Cargo

AVIA Real Estate finished the energy remodeling project of Avia Cargo freight terminal in late 2023. The renovation resulted in the construction of a solar power system, which produces renewable energy for the property’s own use. Ventilation was also renewed and the automation system was completely remade.

The changes result in approximately 20% lower total energy consumption for the property, a reduced maintenance backlog and an improved indoor climate.

The company has previously carried out energy renovations at the Avia Fleet and Avia Wing office buildings.

R8 Technologies

R8 helped to reduce 500 tons of CO2 emissions in Latvian Origo Shopping Center

The AI-based real estate management system by R8 Technologies helped Origo Shopping Center in Latvia to save over 500 tons of CO2 emissions in energy consumption – corresponding to the annual energy consumption of approximately sixty detached houses. The savings totaled 330,000 euros in costs. The shopping center started using the AI in May 2022.

R8’s AI control monitors and optimizes energy consumption according to the shopping center’s indoor climate requirements. It quickly evaluates information related to energy consumption and monitors other climate data in the building.

The software designed for commercial and public buildings gathers daily information on temperature, air quality and energy consumption. The AI makes changes to heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to achieve maximum efficiency.

During 2023, R8 reduced a total of 26,000 tons of its clients’ CO2 emissions. This corresponds to 77,000 megawatt hours (MWh) of energy.


Renor introduced over two thousand new solar panels in Pori and Forssa

In 2023, Renor expanded its solar power plant, situated on the roof area of Puuvilla shopping center in Pori, with nearly and thousand panels and introduced a 1,200-panel solar power plant in Forssa. Puuvilla has utilized solar power since 2017, and the solar power plant at the Kutomo area is new.

The solar power plant produces about eight percent of the electricity required by Puuvilla shopping center and its city block annually, and on a beautiful summer day, the share can even be 75 percent.

Puuvilla also utilizes geothermal heat, which during its peak year, has covered even 99.5 percent of geothermal heating needs. In the summer, geothermal boreholes provide cooling.

Forssa’s solar power plant has been built on recycled sleepers, thus giving the sleepes a new life. The solar energy is utilized in the properties at Renor’s Kutomo area in Forssa.


SRV’s emissions in 2023 decreased by over 40 percent

SRV’s emission intensity, i.e. greenhouse gas emissions rate in relation to the value added, dropped by over 40 percent in 2023. The company’s emission intensity has decreased by over 80 percent from the base level at the end of 2021.

The most significant factors contributing to reduced emissions include the use of emission-free electricity and heat, increasing the share of electricity-run working equipment and utilizing biofuels in those working equipment that were not already using them.

SRV plants trees to compensate for those emissions it cannot yet eliminate. In 2023, the trees planted corresponded to 1,847 tons of CO2 emissions. A total of 16,700 trees were planted, and they bind 10,000 tons of CO2.

In accordance with its lifecycle-wise strategy, the company has also designed buildings with better environmental performance and developed new, lifecycle-wise qualities in 2023. Development projects have included lifecycle-wise energy and cooling solutions, reduction of the carbon footprint, low-carbon materials, solutions supporting users’ well-being and sustainable everyday life as well as optimal implementation of environmental certificates.

Double win for SRV in the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries’ safety competition

SRV’s office site in Wood City, Helsinki was awarded first place in the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries’ national health and safety competition “Turvallisuus alkaa minusta” (Safety Starts With Me).

Another construction site by SRV, the multipurpose building Wintteri in Uusikaupunki, came in third place in the competition. The competition, which has been arranged since 2010, aims to highlight sites that have exemplary safety.

SRV’s overarching safety theme for 2023 was “Intervening is caring.” The goal of the theme is to encourage everyone to actively intervene in shortcomings in occupational safety. On a practical level, intervening means that each dangerous situation and accident is addressed carefully and that people learn from these incidents and share these lessons. This way the company can ensure a safe working environment for everyone operating at the sites.

SRV’s occupational safety work is guided by the long-term goal of Zero accidents included in the responsibility program.

Valmet Automotive

Valmet Automotive became a top name in sustainable development among leading industrial companies

Valmet Automotive became one of the world’s leading industrial companies in climate strategy and sustainable development in their field. The company received the highest A– score from the prestigious CDP organization, which is a testament to the company’s strong and successful commitment to sustainable development.

Valmet Automotive has systematically developed its processes and reporting to correspond to the Paris Agreement’s goal of curbing climate change with a global temperature increase limit of 1.5 degrees Celsius. Valmet Automotive received the A– score exceptionally fast and will continue the goal-oriented development in accordance with the Science Based Targets initiative to support the transition towards an emission-free society.

The company received full points in categories Scopes 1 & 2 emissions reporting, risk assessment and management processes as well as governance. Valmet Automotive’s overall score is above the industry’s CDP average. In addition, only a third of companies in the car industry have been awarded the scores A or A– by CDP. The leadership rating included in the scores signify that the company applies sustainable development best practices to their operations.

CDP is an international organization that maintains a global environmental impact rating system for companies, cities and states, among others. The CDP score describes organizations’ work on sustainable development and climate strategy. Valmet Automotive has participated in CDP’s climate reporting since 2020.