Geothermal energy: fueling the future at Ombria Resort in Portugal 


“Tapping the geothermal energy stored beneath the Earth’s surface as a way to generate renewable power is one of the new visions for the future. At Ombria Resort, in the interior of the Algarve, Portugal, we chose to invest in both geothermal and solar energies,” writes Ombria’s Technical Director Ville Tallbacka.

Our pioneering, low-impact near-to-surface geothermal system works by transferring the geothermal heat to pumped water through the ground. A clean, round-the-clock renewable energy source free of risk for ourselves and our neighbours.

The advantages of geothermal energy are significant: low carbon emissions, completely free of risks for the community and allows the reduction of energy costs for Ombria’s owners.

Ville Tallbacka

How the geothermal system works

With the help of reversible heat pumps, the geothermal system moves heat stored in the ground into guest rooms/apartments/villas during the winter. In the summer, heat is conducted to ground to provide cooling. This renewable energy is used for climate control of indoor environments, hot water supply and pool heating.

Aiming for 70% of energy from renewable sources

This investment fits in with the European challenges and targets set until 2030, which refer to objectives of a 27% increase in energy efficiency and energy consumption from renewable sources and a 40% reduction in greenhouse gases.

Ombria Resort’s geothermal system has a heating capacity of 2,5MW and a cooling capacity of 1,3MW. Given its size, it’s a unique and innovative project in the use of geothermal heat pumps in Portugal.

Ville Tallbacka

Technical Director
Ombria Resort

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About Ombria Resort

Scheduled to open in Spring 2023, Ombria Resort will set the bar as a new generation of low-density resort development where sustainability, the environment and support of the nature and local heritage lie at the heart of the project. Developed by Pontos, Ombria will include:

  • 5-star Viceroy at Ombria Resort and The Viceroy Residences at Ombria Resort, which includes a spa, healthcare and fitness facilities, several restaurants and bars, kids club, a conference centre and 6 swimming pools, managed by Viceroy Hotels & Resorts;
  • Three real estate development phases with residential and investment units including luxury villas, townhouses, semi-detached villas and apartments.
  • 18-hole golf course designed by renowned architect Jorge Santana da Silva and clubhouse.
  • Leisure and entertainment facilities include an area for organic farming, honey harvesting, an astronomy observatory, heated swimming pools, beach club access at one of the nearby beaches, nature trails and mountain biking tracks.

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