Pontos to cooperate with Hintsa Performance in promoting wellbeing at work


Investment company Pontos is expanding its portfolio with an investment in Hintsa Performance, a growth company in the field of wellbeing and performance, with a 10% share. The investment is a significant development step for Pontos in promoting wellbeing at work and a better work-life balance.

The core business of Hintsa Performance is coaching and services aimed at a better life and performance for companies. Services include tailored coaching for corporate management as well as scalable wellbeing services for the entire personnel. All Hintsa services make use of the company’s own digital applications.

On the corporate side, Hintsa has doubled its business operations in the past two years, and the growth also seems strong this year. The demand area on the increase has been, in particular, the insurance and health industry where the transition from reactive to preventative operations is taking place.

Wellbeing at work is a core value of Pontos’s business. “At Pontos, we want to invest in wellbeing and coping at work and life through tangible actions. When the people of the company feel well, the company will do better. Investing in the wellbeing of people is valuable in itself, but it also has a clear effect on the company’s profitability. We believe that the significance of wellbeing at work will grow in the future,” says Timo Kokkila, CEO at Pontos.

Holistic approach to wellbeing is the basis of Hintsa Performance’s services. According to the approach, people’s wellbeing, coping and work performance require a balance of mental wellbeing, nutrition, rest and exercise, among other things. Hintsa Performance’s services are used by international corporations and several insurance companies, such as Nokia, Deloitte, Garmin, Lidl, Ericsson, Microsoft, Ricoh, Toshiba, Ilmarinen and Zurich Life. In addition, the majority of Formula 1 drivers use the services provided by Hintsa.

“We are very excited about Pontos becoming the shareholder of the company. The significance of wellbeing and better work performance has increased especially in knowledge-intensive industries. With robotisation and automation, many work tasks carried out by humans will focus on human and cognitive skills, and coping is immensely important in this. The pace of the development will only pick up and cover increasingly more industries. For the individual, this also means that you have energy for other sections of life after work,” says Jussi Räisänen, CEO at Hintsa Performance.

“The cooperation between Pontos and Hintsa Performance is a significant opening in the field of growth investors, in particular. We expect that the cooperation with Hintsa Performance will create great opportunities for both companies. Through the cooperation, we also intend to enable the development of wellbeing at work in our portfolio companies”, says Timo Kokkila.


For additional information, please contact:

Jussi Räisänen, CEO, Hintsa Performance, +41 79 260 1277, @jussiraisanen

Timo Kokkila, CEO, Pontos, +358 10 239 6359, @timokokkila 

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