Pontos begins cooperation with Ruut8, whose control system optimises energy use and improves indoor climate conditions for properties


Investment company Pontos has begun cooperation with Tallinn-based technology company Ruut8. Pontos has made a 30% investment in the company. Pontos supports promising growth by investing in the future industries.

Investing in Ruut8 marks a new conquest for Pontos in the real estate industry, which is in a constant state of technological advancement and flux. Digitalisation and artificial intelligence will revolutionise real estate and facility management. Pontos wants to be a part of this exciting development.

Ruut8’s innovations relate to intelligent real estate control systems. The system’s functions include improved energy efficiency in the real estate that can be adjusted in real time, reduced carbon footprint and an easy-to-use indoor air system. “Another central element of the control system is the extremely easy and continuously developing user interface”, says Ruut8 CEO Siim Täkker.

The control system is compatible with almost all building automation systems. The implementation usually takes a couple of days and doesn’t require any significant investment from the property owner. The monthly operating costs are based on a portion of the actual savings in energy procurement and more efficient energy use.

The end users of the programme and product are primarily the property managers and operators responsible for the maintenance of the property, as well as the technical staff. The system has been developed in close cooperation with the end users. In the long run, it will also make life easier for the users and residents of the building. The system’s built-in intelligence plays a central role in improving its efficiency and user experience.

“One concrete example of the uniqueness of the control system is its ability to detect and locate individual faults among thousands of rooms, for example in a hotel or a large office building. Traditional systems aren’t able to collect all the necessary data and locate individual faults as quickly and efficiently as our intelligent model”, says Siim Täkker.

“The Ruut8 technology has been used in the Pontos-owned Viru Keskus shopping centre in Tallinn, where we were able to save over 12 % in annual energy costs. In addition to the more efficient energy procurement and use, another important factor are the property users’ experiences. The indoor climate must be optimal for the use of the building. To me, it seemed like there are no downsides for the property owner. The implementation of the system costs hardly anything, and the cost is based on actual savings. Everyone is immediately on board. The Ruut8 team combines top-notch expertise with a strong desire to create something completely new for the real estate industry, and the Ruut8 team seems to have accomplished that”, says Pontos CEO Timo Kokkila.

Ruut8 has high hopes for the cooperation with Pontos. “We are very excited about this cooperation, because Pontos shares our family company values and has a large network of real estate connections that would benefit from implementing our system. Pontos is an experienced player that can also help internationalise Ruut8. We are certain that our cooperation will benefit both parties more than we can even imagine right now.”

The Ruut8 control system has been implemented in, for example, hotels, offices and shopping centres in Estonia and Lithuania, and the company is now looking to expand to the global market. There are countless of potential properties and opportunities for utilising the control system. The use of artificial intelligence and intelligent systems are still a new phenomenon in the real estate industry.


For additional information, please contact:

Timo Kokkila, CEO, Pontos, +358 10 239 6359, @TIMOKOKKILA 

Siim Täkker CEO, Ruut8, +372 561 50060


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