Family succession in Pontos ownership is progressing


On August 12, 2020, as part of long-term family succession planning, Ilpo Kokkila has now partially passed ownership in Pontos to Timo Kokkila, Lauri Kokkila and Tuomas Kokkila. Post disposal, the Kokkila family’s holdings in Pontos include:

Ilpo Kokkila, 43.0%

Timo Kokkila, 25.7%

Lauri Kokkila, 15.7%

Tuomas Kokkila, 15.7%

Ilpo Kokkila continue to be the largest shareholder of Pontos. The transaction has no impact on Pontos’ operations.


For more information:

Ilpo Kokkila

Chairman of the Board

+358 400485555 /

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