Digital building operator R8 Technologies raises EUR 900,000 to enter new markets

Digital building operator R8 Technologies raises EUR 900,000 to enter new markets
R8tech's CEO Siim Täkker

Pontos Group’s portfolio company R8 Technologies (R8tech) has closed a EUR 900,000 funding round in Estonia. R8tech provides a digital building operator platform for automating the management of heating and air conditioning systems in commercial properties. R8tech’s technology results in energy savings between 10–20% per property while maintaining high air quality indoors. It also reduces CO2 emissions significantly.

The digital operator takes advantage of the building management systems of commercial buildings and monitors and optimizes indoor climate, detects faults in the system and manages the tasks of property management companies. With the technology, a 25,000 m2 government office building in Tallinn, Estonia has saved up to 31,5% of energy and 225 tons of CO2 in four months.

Pontos believes in the company’s role in accelerating change in real estate. “Pontos has supported R8tech for many years, and we feel that the new investments indicate strong trust in the company’s constant growth and internationalization. We strongly believe in the digitalization of construction and real estate, and R8tech is a great example in this area. With technology, we can significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of real estate,” said Pontos’ Investment Associate Tor-Oskar Karlberg. Pontos’ ownership in R8tech is 23%.

Currently, R8 Digital Operator monitors over 500,000 m2 of commercial buildings, including the Finnish shopping center Redi and Viru Keskus in Estonia. The company estimates that the area will triple in 2021. “According to the European Commission, there are over 5 billion square meters of commercial buildings in the EU that are using too much energy while not reaching an optimal indoor climate due to the complexity of the systems. R8tech has demonstrated a noticeable positive effect once integrated,” said Siim Täkker, CEO of R8tech (in the picture).


More information:

Tor-Oskar Karlberg

+358 50 910 6416

Siim Täkker

+372 5615 0060

Pontos Group is a Finnish family office that invests in real estate, real estate development, real estate digitalization, growth companies and private equity funds. The company is an active and long-term owner committed to the continuous development of its portfolio companies. It invests in real estate and companies in Finland and its surrounding area as well as private equity funds globally. Pontos seeks to increase investments in the digitalization of the real estate industry and the development of real estate lifecycles, all the way from construction to usage. The company seeks to develop cities and population centers in a way that is sustainable for people and the environment. 

R8 Technologies is a company that’s focused on decreasing energy consumption in commercial properties whilst keeping an outstanding indoor climate for every room. R8tech is a member of PropTech Finland, UK PropTech ja GreenTech Alliance. The company is active in 12 different countries across the EU, including Portugal, Finland, Austria, Netherlands and Poland. Company’s headquarters is located in Tallinn, Estonia. The clients include WeWork, CBRE, EDP, Sokotel, EfTEN Capital. In 2019, R8tech was awarded Winner of Ramboll Bright Ideas Challenge. In 2020, R8tech was awarded Best Building Energy Efficiency Solution by Wealth&Finance International. More information:

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