Pontos’ portfolio company LAK Real Estate changes name to AVIA Real Estate


Pontos’ portfolio company LAK Real Estate is taking its next major step as a developer of the Aviapolis area and changing its name to AVIA Real Estate. The new name further solidifies the company’s position as the leading property developer of the airport city and the Aviapolis area.

The properties owned by the company have already been partially transferred into the Avia family, and now the company’s name is changed to indicate future steps. The new name AVIA Real Estate communicates strongly about the company’s future plans.

”The company has been a significant developer of the Aviapolis area for a long time, and our position as an area developer will be strengthened even further in the coming decades. We have a special opportunity to build a new, unique airport city from scratch jointly with local other operators and the City of Vantaa. Responsible and sustainable construction has been high on our agenda, starting from the zoning stage, and we are currently launching several new projects as we speak. It is time to switch to a higher gear, so to speak,” says CEO of AVIA Real Estate, Ilkka Pitkänen.

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