Pontos aims for carbon neutrality in its real estate portfolio by 2030


Pontos Group has set a goal for having a carbon-neutral real estate portfolio by 2030. The goal is based on an assessment of the climate effects of its existing real estate base and property development sites. Achieving the goal is based on having an emission-free real estate portfolio, the utilization of real estate technology and active ownership with portfolio companies.

Pontos has defined an operating model for achieving its goal, which aims for carbon neutrality in properties’ use-phase emissions (scopes 1–2) by 2025 and in the entire lifecycle emissions (scope 3) by 2030. The goal is to reduce energy consumption by 15 percent from the 2019 level by 2030.

In short, the operating models aims for zero emissions from Pontos’ properties. They use energy efficiently, utilize digitalization opportunities actively, produce as much energy as possible on their own and rely on emission-free green energy. In addition to the operating model, the real estate portfolio also includes those of Pontos’ private equity investment companies that have real estate and construction as an important part in their business.

“Curbing climate change and preserving the Earth’s bearing capacity are goals shared by the entire world. The global real estate base is the world’s largest asset class. At the same time, properties and construction make up 40 percent of total CO2 emissions. We consider owners to have a great responsibility for the environmental effects of properties.”

Pontos aims to promote sustainable development in the real estate industry

Our environmental management aiming at carbon neutrality is based on strong, long-term and active collaboration with our portfolio companies. Together with our companies, we have determined steps and measures to demonstrate progress in achieving the goals,” says Päivi Tomula, Investment Director, Real Estate at Pontos.

Real estate technology supports reaching environmental goals throughout the property lifecycle. Previously, the real estate and construction industry has been one of the slowest industries in embracing digitalization.

”Technology increases the productivity of the real and construction industry, reduces environmental effects and improves the use and customer experience of properties. We invest strategically in the digitalization of real estate. We also combine players of the real estate and construction industry with technological players. Dialogue between the industries requires an understanding of how companies in different fields can utilize technology during different phases of the property lifecycle – and the courage to experiment with new practical solutions,” says Tor-Oskar Karlberg, Investment Manager, Pontos.

The Carbon-Neutral Real Estate Portfolio 2030 operating model is based on values related to Pontos’ sustainable regional development, which in turn guide the company’s investments and collaboration. In addition to considering natural resources, Pontos promotes a sense of community, the accessibility of public, bicycle and pedestrian traffic and thus the creation of vital infrastructure, new jobs and business opportunities.


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