Real estate investments – developing growing areas

We make long-term investments in real estate in Finland and its surrounding area.

As a real estate investment company, Pontos significantly impacts the quality of life in the communities it operates in. We seek to promote the sustainability of cities and renew the real estate and construction industry.

Pontos’ current real estate holdings focus mostly on Finland and Estonia, and we will continue to invest in them. Our real estate also includes the sustainable regional development project in Algarve, Portugal.

Our real estate investments include:

    • direct real estate investments in Finland and Estonia
    • investments in property investment and development companies in Finland and Estonia
    • the sustainable regional development project in Algarve, Portugal.

Pontos Group aims for carbon neutrality in its real estate portfolio by 2030

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Our real estate portfolio

AVIA Real Estate

AVIA Real Estate

AVIA Real Estate is a property investment and development company, which owns, manages and rents office and logistics premises in the vicinity of Helsinki-Vantaa airport. The company’s portfolio includes Hilton and Scandic hotels located at the airport, as well as office buildings Avia Pilot, Avia Wing and Avia Fleet. Construction of the new airport hotel leading straight to the terminal are ongoing, and the hotel opens in summer 2024.

The company is building Avia City, an urban city center in the heart of the airport area, covering 40,000 jobs and bringing 20,000 residents. It is filled with opportunities, high-quality services and international ambience, and which blends seamlessly with refreshing green space. The company also manages Avia Club, a flexible office space solution that supports hybrid working needs quickly and easily.

The company’s real estate portfolio covers a total of 170,000 square meters. AVIA Real Estate also has approximately 400,000 square kilometers of construction rights for in the Aviapolis area, which is Finland’s fastest growing center for work and entrepreneurship.


Ombria Algarve

Ombria Algarve is Pontos’ modern and sustainable regional development project in Algarve, Portugal. The site, which embraces nature and the local village community, contains a 150-room hotel, golf course, over 300 residential properties and countless leisure opportunities. The area covers a total of 153 hectares.

Luxury accommodation and investment Ombria is a village within a village concept in the vicinity of the local Loulé village. The area is entirely connected to the local community with no fences in between. Nature is Ombria’s most valuable asset. The complex, located next to a nature reserve, offers a spectacular milieu and five-star accommodation. The area also offers excellent opportunities for cultural, sports and leisure activities.

Ombria provides hobbies for the entire family, including opportunities for golf, hiking, biking, stargazing, yoga, gym, running, hot air balloon flight, Jeep safaris, wine tasting tours, canoe rides, climbing, paragliding, fruit picking and honey harvesting.




Renor is a Finnish property development and investment company with an active role in the sustainable development of urban areas. Renor offers its clients unique space and service solutions in historical buildings, which the company develops into lively city blocks.

Renor takes care of smooth leasing and maintenance services, the development of properties and related new construction. The company’s real estate portfolio covers a total of approximately 240,000 square meters, and it also has building rights for approximately 300,000 floor square meters. Its sites are located in central places in Vantaa, Lahti, Pori, Forssa and Porvoo. The company renovates its own properties as well as entire urban areas.

Renor is reducing the environmental load of its properties in accordance with its sustainability program.

Sokos Hotel Viru

Sokos Hotel Viru

Viru Hotel, a historical pioneer in the accommodation sector, has been the beating heart of the city of Tallinn throughout time, combining history with contemporary life. The legendary 500-room Original Sokos Hotel Viru located in downtown Tallinn offers spectacular rooftop views and the city’s most diverse room selection. Viru Conference Center has conference space for up to 1,200 people. The hotel provides direct access to the shopping and city center Viru Keskus.

In addition to Tallinn, Sokos Hotels has over 40 hotels in Finland.

The total leasable area is 37,000 m².

ReLog real estate portfolio

ReLog real estate portfolio

The ReLog real estate portfolio covers office, logistics and storage premises across Finland, with a total leasable area of 24,000 m². 

Past investments

Viru Keskus

Viru Keskus, Estonia’s most significant shopping and city center, is located in the heart of Tallinn, by the old town.

Viru Keskus, which was renovated in 2022, features international fashion brands and retail concepts. In addition to high quality fashion, Viru Keskus offers experiences, including beauty and wellness services, along with quality restaurants. The center contains Estonia’s largest beauty and jewelry area, a bookstore awarded as the best in the world, one of Estonia’s only flagship stores and the unique, 16-restaurant Food Court concept covering terraces and artisan beer bar.

The center’s rooftop has a padel court in the summer, and Viru Keskus offers its visitors high-class cultural events. The number of visitors reaches approximately 15 million annually, with revenue approximately at 130 million euros. Currently, the center contains over 90 stores. The total leasable surface area is approximately 29,000 m².

In November 2022, Viru Keskus became the only Baltic shopping center to receive the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certificate in Operations & Maintenance (O&M). Viru Keskus has for long reached 15 percent total energy savings annually by using a self-learning AI-based software by Pontos’ other portfolio company R8 Technologies.

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Located in Panevėžys, the fifth largest city of Lithuania, RYO is the leading shopping center in the Aukštaitija region. Following a renovation and expansion completed in 2015, RYO now has an area of 24,000m2. The updated and modernized shopping and entertainment center now has more fashion boutiques and restaurants. The local and global brands include H&M, Lindex, New Yorker, Takko, Camel Active, Deichmann, Rimi, KFC, and Apranga. RYO was chosen as the best shopping center in the Baltic in 2016.

Exit 11/2018