Pontos team is making a video diary about the participation of the Hintsa program


In June 2018 Pontos invested in Hintsa performance. The investment was a significant development step for Pontos in promoting wellbeing at work and a better work/life balance.

Wellbeing at work is a core value of Pontos’ business. “At Pontos, we want to invest in wellbeing and coping with work and life through tangible actions. When everybody at the company feels well, the company will do better. Investing in the wellbeing of staff is valuable by itself, but it also has a clear effect on the company’s profitability.” says Timo Kokkila, CEO at Pontos.

To act upon this promise Pontos’ Helsinki team participates Hintsa’s program and experiment how effective the investment into wellbeing can be. The program started in November 2018 and will go on till fall 2019. To keep the interested parties informed of the ongoing program, we are making a video diary of the journey. You can follow the diary mainly in Finnish behind the link below.

Pontos video blog:

Hyvä Olo Kantaa Pitkälle

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